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Sunflower Disc Harrows

Sunflower 1436

It's a fact of farming: Higher yield demands better residue tillage management, because heavy residue can negatively impact next year’s crop in many ways, including delayed planting. 

The 1436 series Sunflower disc has been designed specifically for sizing and incorporating corn residue back into the microbial zone of the soil.  With its heavy frame, twenty degree front disc gang angle and full concavity blades, it slices aggressively through the thickest mat of BT corn residue to achieve best residue breakdown. And with operating widths from 21 to 35 feet, the 1436 can match almost any size farming operation.

Balanced Performance

The new 1436 Series Tandem Disc Harrow is heavier and more aggressive than its predecessor. Designed to meet the performance demands of today’s farming, the frame of the 1436 is built with more structural strength and thicker walled tubing. Its accurate balance accommodates today's heavy reeled finishing attachments. The tool moves easily from field to road on its larger tires, wheels, hubs and spindles. These new disc harrows are available from 20’ 5” to 35’ 4”.


These features come standard on the 1436, as well as other models in the series. 

Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs: With the exception of the 1300, 1700 and 1800 series, every Sunflower disc features staggered overlapping disc gangs - one of the keys to level discing.

Trunnion Mounted Bearings: With the exception of the 1300, 1700 and 1800 series, Sunflower disc harrows  feature trunnion bearings provide positive alignment, eliminate wear between the bearings and the housing and ensure positive lubrication. 

C-Flex™ Bearing Standards: With the exception of the 1700 and 1800 series, these bearings coming standard. They absorb disc gang shock, and help extend bearing, spool and disc blade life. They also help clear residue better than conventional rigid standards. They also make maintenance of the disc gang assembly easier. 

Spring Cushion Gang Assembly: With the exception of the 1700 and 1800 series, this is standard equipment. The entire gang assembly pivots upwards when encountering an obstruction. The heavy coil springs compress, allowing the  gang assembly to pass over the obstruction. When the coils re-expand, the gangs return to their working position.

Front-mounted Gauge Wheels: Standard on all series
Front-mounted gauge wheels are a trademark of the Sunflower line. This important feature prevents the front gangs of the wing frame from gouging, buckling or cutting deeper than the other gangs, promoting a level, ridge or furrow free field. The heavy-duty gauge wheels feature a 5-bolt hub and 8.00 x 10 ply tire.

Maintenance-free Lift Systems:  All Sunflower discs are equipped with maintenance-free lift systems that pivot on space-age UHMW polymer sleeves, eliminating greasing.

There are numerous other features and options available for different models in the series. Our expert sales staff can help you determine what you need for the best results in your fields.