rhino cuttters and blades


Rhino Rotary Cutters

Rhino cutters are known for their durability in heavy mowing applications. These cutters, from the 200 and 400 Series to the Twister Series, are all designed for years of handling the tough jobs.

Single Spindle Cutters

200 Series

A single spindle series recommended for farm, ranch and recreational area mowing, this series comes with a 2.5 inch cutting capacity. A reinforced domed deck design means less material buildup, and an unobstructed underside deck allows material to flow more easily through the cutting chamber. It is Cat 1 quick hitch compatible.

400 Series

Built with a 4.5" diameter cut capacity, and a deep reinforced dome deck that handles higher volumes of cut material. A 5-year limited warrant covers the 210 HP gearbox. Durable bracing under the deck, plus 1/4" x 11" side skirts with 1/2" thick material at the impact zone, ensures a long life. The cross-braced round pan blade carrier overlaps the gearbox output shaft, sealing  it from cut material. Recommended for heavy mowing on farms, ranches and recreational areas, as well as for roadside maintenance and controlling undergrowth. 

Twister 10 Series

The Twister 10 Series Rotary Cutters come in 48",60" and 72" cut widths. The 1" material cutting capacity works equally well on the farm, ranch or homestead. A 60 HP gearbox, Cat 3 driveline, 12 gauge steel deck and infinity steel blade carrier provide dependability at a competitive price. They are Cat 1 quick hitch compatible. 

Twister 20 Series

Need more bite that the Twister 10? This cutter comes in widths up to 84", with a Cat 1 and Cat 2 compatibility. The high-capacity cutting chamber under a baffled deck with tapered side-skirts means you can cut what you want. Farm, ranch and homestead will all look tidy and trim when the 20 Series Twister takes on the job. 

Multispindle Cutters

TW Series

Available as a three-point lift or pull-type model and 540 or 1000 RPM to fit a wide range of tractors, this Series is ideal for pasture maintenance, orchard applications, shredding stalks, or cutting material up to 2" in diameter. They are heavy duty crop shredders that can take on corn, cotton, milo and vegetable crops with lower maintenance cost than conventional flail units. 

The center gearbox, with splined input and output shafts and tapered roller bearings, is built for durability and longer service life. An adjustable slip clutch on the main driveline and torque dampeners on both side drives protect gearboxes and Cat 4 driveline from sudden shockloads. Featuring  a heavily-reinforced, rounded edge 10-gauge top deck for appearance, easy clean-off, and added strength.  Standard pan blade carriers, updraft blades, and a 4" blade overlap help assure a smooth, even cut. 


The TS12 Stealth model, built for tractors with 35-50 HP, is designed for low tongue weight and shorter turning radius. Perfect when you need flex-wing versatility for a smaller tractor. It provides a full 12' cutting width and a  1.5 inch cutting capacity. Suggested for small farms, parks, homesteads and schools. 


Post Hole Diggers

Rhino's 3-point mount PTO-driven posthole diggers have 6" to 24" diameter augers and a three-point hitch to fit Categories 0, 1, or 1-2 drives, depending on the model. Booms and yokes of high strength steel tubing and shear bolt driveline protection are standard on all models.  A rugged gearbox ensures years of dependable service, whether used for homestead, agricultural or commercial applications.

Hydraulic Drive Post Hole Diggers

These digger's drive motors are compatible with flow rates from 10 to 30 GPM and pressures up to 3,000 psi, and work in a wide range of soils, clay, or loose rock conditions.  Skid steer loader and front end loader mount kits are available. Mount brackets include a dual swivel design to keep the auger vertical during operation. The flange mounted output shaft allows for faster service or repair. These industrial grade augers are available in sizes from 6” to 36” diameter, depending on model.

Heavy Duty Rear Blades

These blades can handle all of your demanding jobs: ditch digging, terrace repair, road maintenance, snow removal, feed lot cleaning, and whatever else you can think of. 

Rugged construction includes heavy-duty three-point hitches, reinforced mainframes, massive solid steel kingpins and more.  The 850, 950 and 1540 blades are available with either manual or hydraulic adjustments for a wide range of applications and needs. The 2500 and 3500 blades feature all hydraulic adjustments for greater operator convenience.