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  • Built for the wide range of soil conditions found on the Great Plains
  • Capably handles primary and secondary tillage applications
  • Features 26″ sweeps on 20″ centers providing a full 6″ of overlap for maximum weed kill
  • Walking tandems are available on all sections
  • Ratchet jack adjustment precisely levels the frame front to rear
  • Front mounted single point depth control
  • Sunflowers exclusive “on edge” shank is 1 1/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ thick
  • “On edge” shanks provide a true 30″ of trash clearance
  • Gauge wheels are standard equipment on four through seven section machines
  • Rockshafts are mounted at the top of the frame for superior ground clearance and trash flow

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King Of The Fallow Tillage Tools
The Fallow-King is specially built for the wide range of soil conditions found on the Great Plains. It performs both primary and secondary tillage activities. The entire Fallow-King series features two rows of shanks and frames that flex every 7′ to hug the terrain on flat or rolling ground, even over terraces. You can run shallow without the fear of skipping or gouging and Sunflower’s computer design features optimum shank placement and provides a 6″ overlap between the 26″ sweeps. The exclusive Sunflower treader design provides unparallel soil aeration, even in heavy surface residue. Like all Sunflower tillage tools, Fallow-King does a lot more than a good job, It leaves your fields properly tilled, weeds undercut, and a nearly perfect bed of mulch worked into the freshly tilled soil.

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