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Rhino 7007 Rear Blade

The productivity and versatility of the 70 Series blade has been proven in the field time after time for over 30 years.

Rhino 7007 Rear Blade  
Moldboard Width 7′
Moldboard (Thickness & Height) ½” x 19”
Cutting Edge ½” x 19”
Hitch CAT 1-2, QH
Maximum Tractor PTO HP – 2-Wheel Drive 70
Maximum Tractor HP – 4-Wheel Drive 55
King Pin Diameter 1¼” (Grade 8)
Adjustment Types Manual
Swing Offset (Max.) 18” Left or Right
Pivot – Forward 5 Positions – Up to 45°
Pivot – Reverse 5 Positions – Up to 45°
Moldboard Tilt- Up & Down 30°
Parking Stand Std.
Weight (Approx.) 7′ 538 lbs.

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The 7007 is available in 7′ width and is rated for 2-wheel drive tractors up to 70 HP. The 70 moldboard can be offset left or right up to 18″, pivoted 360°, or tilted up or down 30° by simply relocating index pins. The 2″ diameter solid steel kingpin is machined to exacting tolerances to deliver dependable performance year after year. Quick-attach end plates and skid shoes are optional equipment to help add to the versatility of the 70 series blade. The 70 is ideal for farm, ranch, and landscaping applications including ditch digging, farm road maintenance, snow removal, terrace repair, material leveling, and cleaning out feed lots.

The optional quick-attach end plates help turn the 50 and 70 series rear blades into box blades. The end plates can be attached in seconds and are ideal for moving or leveling bulk material. Optional skid shoes are also available on the 50 and 70 series blades to help remove material from prepared surfaces.

The moldboard on all Rhino rear blades can be pivoted a full 360° to handle a range of applications. Reversing the moldboard makes easier work of backfilling or hard-to-reach jobs. It is also ideal for providing a professional finish to road maintenance applications.

The design of the moldboard carrier on the 35, 50, and 70 series blades helps reinforce the moldboard and allows the moldboard to be pivoted and tilted by simply relocating pins. The tilt option is a feature not found on most competitive small blades, making operation of a Rhino blade much easier on the operator. The 70 also features manual offset adjustment.

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