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Kodiak KST-60 Rotary Cutter

This rotary cutter by Kodiak is a standard duty cutter with a width of 60 inches. The ST-60 is a lift type cutter operated by a series 4 PTO drive shaft. This rotary cutter is designed and built to last for years of service.


  • Type I Hitch
  • Will cut up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter
  • 11 Gauge steel deck
  • 7″ Side channels
  • Series 4 PTO shaft included
  • 40 HP Gearbox
  • Quick hitch adaptable

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(303) 732-4321

The Kodiak ST-60 is a rotary cutter that has a 5 foot cutting width. Constructed of 11 gauge steel, the deck has 7 inch side channels. The ST-60 also comes with a pan stump jumper for blade protection.

This 3-point lift cutter will fit a Type 1 hitch and has a floating top link for a smooth cut. It also comes with a series 4 PTO shaft. Solid laminated wheels.

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