All-Plant Parallel Linkage – Double Disk Opener
Crustbuster’s secret to planting success is keeping the pressure constant throughout the operating range of the parallel linkage opener. The offset blades penetrate firm no-till soil and create the ultimate seed furrow. Leading notched blade with ¾” offset gives maximum penetration and trash flow. Five quick change down-pressure adjustments from 125 lbs. to 500 lbs. per opener.

  • Central fill
  • 60′ Drill width
  • 12′ Road width, easy fold
  • Proven All-Plant Parallel Linkage double disk openers
  • 200 Bushel single-compartment tank
  • Pressurized tank with low hopper sensor
  • ISO compatible variable rate
  • Drills grain or applies fertilizer
  • 10″ spacing

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