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4700 Series: Hardworking, Heavy Duty, Built to Handle Challenges

massey-ferguson-4710-utility-tractor-image4Looking for a heavy-duty, purpose-built machine with immense lift capacity and the power you need to pull larger, heavier implements? Then you need to look at the 4700 Series.

These machines are built with fewer parts and a less complex design that has proven to offer better fuel efficiency and easier maintenance. The 80-100 horsepower engines deliver maximum torque at low engine speeds.

Miserly fuel consumption paired with clean exhaust provide an excellent operator experience and comfortable operating costs. The engine runs cool and smooth with four valves per cylinder, keeping service costs down.

Plus, an easy-to-operate transmission provides multiple speed options under any circumstance. You adjust how the trans engages from a full stop. And you simply press a button to shift gears when you're turning.

Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff, and see why the 4700 might just be what you need.

1700 Series: Affordable Premium Compacts

massey ferguson 1700 premium tractorThe 1700 series premium compact has been hailed as best in class. Advanced Massey engineering. Performance options similar to bigger tractors. But with the simplicity and fuel efficiency of a compact.
Owners of small mixed or specialty farms, horse farms, and hunting properties will find the 1700 Series  ideal for their needs. And it's perfect for for landscaping and construction work, too.

These little powerhouses come with  turbocharged and intercooled 3-4 cylinder diesel engines, ranging from 36.2 to 59 gross engine horsepower. And they meet Tier 4 Final clean air emissions requirements.

Choose between gear or hydrostatic transmission. You will also appreciate the wet clutch: it's known for durability. The modulation button provides a slow, smooth start-up, preventint shock load damage.

Ready for the best compact tractor on the market? Come in and see us today.

GC 1700: It's Not Just a Mower

Massey Ferguson GC 1700 tractorEasy to operate, easy to afford.  Bigger tractor features packed into a small machine make these tough little workhorses the perfect choice for small acreages. Mow, load, do backhoe work, do snowblowing - all with ease and efficiency. 

The GC1700 has the largest engine in its class. That means higher reserve torque and more efficient use of horsepower. And it's built with all-cast-iron construction, not aluminum heads. You'll be surprised at how comfortable the operator station is, with major controls and functional pedals in familiar, intuitive locations, rather like the cab of a lawn tractor.

But these machines are so much more than lawn tractors. They come with a the professional quality mowing deck. But with dual-bucket cylinders and efficient hydraulic pumps you'll find loading a breeze. Add the matched CB65 backhoe to extend your work capabilities.

Ready to get to know the GC1700? come in today and let our expert tractor sales staff put you in the seat of one.