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Massey Ferguson GC1723E and GC1723M

Are you someone who's always dreamed of owning your own land and are finally living the dream?

Then you are discovering that if you’ve got land, you need a tractor.  And we don't mean just any tractor.

Landowners like you need the Massey Ferguson GC1723E or GC1725M Series sub-compact tractors. They are not too big but not too small. Plus it’s easy to use and remarkably versatile. You'll find that as your needs change over the years, this tractor will do it all. And although these are tractors less than 40 hp, they work like a bigger machine, while taking up less space. And when you've got a sub compact tractor backhoe loader, you can do it all around the acreage in a snap.

Come see the small tractors for sale at Prospect Implements.

Perfect for the Day-To-Day Chores

Doesn't matter if you are a small landowner, part-time farmer or hunter getting his acreage ready for hunting season. This small, multitasking workhorse can stay right with you for the entire list of jobs you need to get done right. And because they are easy to drive with intuitive performance, these small tractors are can handle all general property maintenance. Mowing, snow-blowing loading, and backhoe work can easily be done with just this one machine.  Get ready to conquer general farm maintenance, hauling, feeding livestock and horses, landscaping, and construction projects on your farm with the GC1723E and GC1725M.

And when you're preparing for hunting and fishing season, your Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractor is to ready to  handle your food plots, clear your trails, set up tree stands and maintain your property.

Comfortable, Easier Than Ever to Use

You're going to like the improved operator’s station! A large flat foot deck for easy entry/exit makes the transition from lawn tractor user to sub-compact use a breeze. Need to log several hours on the machine? The new, improved seat will make your time on the tractor a whole lot more comfortable. Equally important, this Massey Ferguson compact tractor design places all the major controls in familiar, intuitive locations. Functional pedals are also now easier to reach and operate.

You’ll get an excellent cut on any type of terrain. Ten-gauge stamped steel full-floating decks are durable and sturdy,  and all spindle assemblies are made of cast iron for longer life. You may just call this the best sub compact tractor you've ever owned!

Small Acreage, Small Tractor

Even  a part time farmer seems to always have an extensive list of chores that need doing. But you don’t need a bigger, more expensive tractor to do them. What you need is a better, more intuitive one. And the new and improved GC1723E and GC1725M sub compact tractors are the ones you want. Dependable, comfortable and versatile, to make your work hours something you'll enjoy.

 Factory Installed Loader and Backhoe for Outstanding Material Handling

Dual-bucket cylinders and exceptional bucket rollback angles deliver better performance than single-cylinder loaders. Plus the efficient hydraulic pumps deliver higher output at lower RPM than most competitive models.

The Massey Ferguson sub compact tractors GC1723EB and the GC1725MB provide you with the complete versatility package. There’s almost no chore you can’t conquer with the loader/backhoe combo. Plus you can easily remove one or both for maximum versatility, like when mowing or fitting in tight spaces.

Come in and demo one of our sub compact tractors for sale. It’s never been so easy to manage your small acreage.


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Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors: 1700 Series

Massey Ferguson has the solution when you want the convenience and economy of  the best compact tractor, but need the work capacity of a much larger machine: a Massey’s 1700 Series compact utility tractor. All the 1700s are all strong, capable small tractors, and  Massey offers this series in a number of different engine sizes, Here's a quick overview of our compact tractors for sale.

The 1734E Tractor Loader

With ROPS or without ROPS? The choice is your.Any you can also choose one with a hydrostatic transmission. The Shibaura 3-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled diesel engine is rate at 34 HP and comes with a DPF filter. Some models are turbocharged, but they all feature Massey's electronic engine control for easier handling. They're ideal for small acreage work with a 1,210 lb. loader  lifting capacity.

The 1735M Premium Compact Cab Tractor

Whatever farm tasks or property maintenance jobs you have, this sturdy small tractor can handle it. You'll be able to landscape, do small-scale roadwork, grade your land,  and perform light construction tasks with ease. A 36.2 HP upgraded engine meets Tier 4 emissions standards for cleaner air. It's similar to the 1734 Series, but with a little more engine power, and and a lot more lift capability. In fact, this workhorse lifts at a 2,535 lb capacity. Your hours in the field will be a lot more pleasant in a cab loaded with comfort and ease-of-use features. You'll see why we think this is the best small tractor available.

The Turbo Charged 1739E Tractor Loader

Massey’s largest HP economy tractor boasts an engine rated rated at 38.5 HP, and is tier 4 emissions compliant. Safety features include sealed wet disc brakes and a pedal operated rear differential lock. This tractor comes from the factory with a skid steer quick attach loader capable of 1210 lbs. of lift. Mow and haul confidently, with nine forward and three reverse speeds, all controlled by 2 easy-to-reach shift levers. The comfortable adjustable spring suspension seat means a better and easier work day. A full instrument panel makes work easier, too. Also available with hydrostatic transmission.

Ready For a Premium Compact Tractor?

A premium compact can meet all your work demands in much greater comfort and with more power. Massey offers several models to choose from.

The 1740M Premium Compact Tractor has no DPF, and meets all Tier 4 Emissions standards. Its 40HP engine is ready to power through all your farming and property maintenance tasks. You're ready for landscaping, small-scale road and grading tasks  -even light construction work. Plenty of upgraded features, make the 1740M Premium the comfortable, convenient and powerful small tractor you'll enjoy using for years to come.

The 1700M Premium Series also includes the 1750M Premium Compact, 1750 Premium Compact and 1760M Premium Compact. Each of these machines has features similar to the 1740M Premium and comes with factory installed cab, but offer greater engine power and greater performance.

The 1760M has deluxe cab options for most models that further improve operator comfort. It’s powered by a 60HP engine and can lift more than 3,000 lbs. Factory add-ons and extras make this a truly special machine.

The cab features heat and a/c, mobile phone holder, front and rear wiper/washers, front and rear work lights, rear and side opening windows and entry doors on both sides of the cab.

Come in today to choose the Massey Ferguson compact tractor that fits your needs and your budget.