Come Out to Farm Country When You Need a Tractor

"I had to buy a tractor and knew nothing about them aside from reading stats online. I emailed a few places and Prospect got back to me within hours (while others didn't respond at all, or after I had already purchased my tractor here). When I went in to look, they explained everything about the tractor, from features to controls. They were super laid back and pleasant. I'd recommend them to anyone needing a tractor."-Jenny L.

Massey Ferguson Sub-Compact Tractors

GC 1705

The Massey Ferguson GC17005 Series  stacks up to its sub-compact competition. And at 22 HP, these little workhorses are economical to run.  They come with features like a 3-point hitch, warning lights, hydrostatic power steering, forward and reverse foot pedal, a fully adjustable seat with retractable seat belt, and more. Perfect for farming small acreages, or keeping up with the tasks on a small hobby farm. Work hard in comfort with the GC1705.


This tractor-loader-backhoe is as tough as it is versatile. Easy on-off implements make work simpler, and you'll be impressed with the performance of this small workhorse. No matter what job you throw at it, GC1710TLB will take it on. Dig up stumps, dig a ditch, move a manure pile, build a berm. And do in all in comfort.


This tractor-loader-backhoe has the largest engine in its class, with more cubic inches for higher reserve torque and more efficient use of horsepower. Massey gives you an all cast iron engine block for durability and longer life. The  powerful front-end loader features dual bucket cylinders for better performance than single-cylinder loaders. You'll work in comfort all day because all major controls and functional pedals are in familiar, intuitive locations and are easy to reach and operate.

Massey Ferguson Economy Compacts

1734EHL Compact Tractor Loader

This one is so easy to operate, and very affordable. With comfort, stability, and intuitive control to make your working day more pleasant. In fact, the operator's platform is a simple open station, accessed by a single foot step and grab handle. Easy-on, easy-off. Mechanical levers are within easy reach. And you can't beat the stamped steel construction for rugged durability and long life. 34 HP engine.


Equipped with a 38 HP engine that delivers good power but still complies with EPA Final Tier 4 requirements.  Slightly more powerful than the 1734 model, and the extra power is useful for those with thick overgrowth that needs cutting. The mid-height vinyl suspension seating is is comfortable enough for long hours around the farm. Massey’s CB75 backhoe is matched to all 1700E tractors, and you’ll find you can do some serious digging with it attached to the 1739. Plenty of premium features at an economy price.

Massey Ferguson Premium Compacts


You'll appreciated the 40 HP lean-burning Tier 4-compliant turbocharged  Shibaura 3-cylinder diesel engine, and as part of the 1700 Series, this tractor is one of Massey's most premium compacts to date. Ideal for general farm and property maintenance tasks, landscaping, small-scale road and land grading, and light construction. The 3-Point Hitch Cat I with position control standard (and draft control optional) and a lift capacity of 24 inches and 2,535 lbs give you the heft for tough jobs. And the Deluxe Cab comes with heating and a/c, mobile phone holder, radio antenna and is wired for radio and speakers. Right and left entry door give extra access to the cab, and the 2 post folding ROPS and retractable seatbelt add extra safety.


Heftier than the 1740, the 1750M delivers greater performance with 540 RPM independent rear PTO and a 49 HP engine. An optional 2,000-rpm mid-mount PTO that engages electro-hydraulically with a simple twist of a knob is available.The rear 3-point hitch features a lift capacity of 3,086 lbs. (1,400 kg). This tractor model has all the Deluxe cab features of the 1740, so you can get the job done from the comfort of your temperature controlled-cab with extra safety features.


The 60 HP engine roars to life and you're off! With the same performance features of the 1740s and 1750s, and more power to work with, the 1760M can take on the jobs you set it to. The Deluxe Cab comes with standard combination digital and analog front dash display. The tachometer and hour meter, as well as temperature and fuel gauges are easy to see and read.  And the cab has all the safety and comfort features of the other premium compacts from Massey.

Massey Ferguson Utility-Farm Tractors


The 4707 Utility Tractors are heavy-duty machines, built for agricultural work, and decades of it.  They are powerful, with the weight for those big, big jobs, and fuel efficient at the same time. Redesigned with highly efficient drivelines and new levels of operator comfort, it stands as an exceptional value for money spent. The 75 HP engine meets Tier 4 Final standards, and is the world's most powerful 3 cylinder engine. And ground level fueling, easy pop-up hood and entry on both sides of the platform offers extra convenience for your workday. Lift capacity of 4850 lbs at 24 ft means you can manage even the heaviest loads.


The 4710s are built for all your ag work. 100 HP engine, heavy duty 931 Loader and heavy duty 4WD front axle bring the muscle you need. The cabs feature big doors and large mirrors, and both digital and analog dash displays.  Lighting includes four headlights, 2 rear marker light assemblies and 2 mid-mounted worklights. The one-piece tilting hood and ground level fueling mean faster engine checks and fueling.


The heavyweight of mid-range tractors, the 6713 is built for power, versatility and long-lasting operation. Purpose-built for agricultural operations, it provides unmatched lift capacity, and will pull heavier implements for the toughest work. The 6713 is the largest of the new Global Series from Massey, and is a basic, economical workhorse that will serve you well for decades to come. Next-level comfort is built into the deluxe cabs and new features. The 6713 comes standard with premium Trellborg Tires and a heavy loader frame mounting system. The 125 HP, 4-cylinder AGCO power engine is a leader in innovation, a modest fuel-sipper, and easily maintained.  Pop-up hood offers easy access, and fuel screens are easy to remove and clean.