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Mac Don Windrowers

mac don windrowerAll Mac Don  Series M Windrowers come powered with Cummins Engines for significant horsepower. Whether you need the massive strength of the M205 capable of running draper headers, or the M155 and 105 for lighter work, all these machines come with the upgraded Cummins engines for maximum power.

The M series frame provides exceptional crop clearance--45.7 inched below the frame.  And depending on the model you choose, you'll find features like a completely new header drive with a load-sensing circuit. Mac Don's patented Dual Direction technology allows you to switch to highway travel mode in just seconds, without having to detach the header.

And you'll appreciate the ergonomic cab, designed specifically for windrowing. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but the forward design and curved glass offer you exceptional visibility of the cutterbar, stubble and full field conditions.

Other features include a fully computerized monitoring and header control system with intuitive fingertip control, Hydraulic Header Reverser (optional for some models) for quick unplugging of major header components right from the cap, and easy engine and hydraulic maintenance points.

In addition, the new larger toolbox is attached to the sliding platform to ensure that tools and replacement components are available when required.

Ask us about available options.

Rotary Disc

MacDon Rotary disc cutterLooking for the machine to get the job done right every time? Mac Don builds a header that cuts alfalfa at speeds up to16 MPH (26 km/h) and powers through 12' (3.6 m) of cane or heavy winter forage crop.

Significantly improved frame strength, cutting angle, disc pattern, header flotation and conditioning make this next generation rotary disc machine best in class. A new Double Windrow Attachment allows you to place up to 48' (14.6 m) of crop into a single windrow by combining three 16' (4.9 m) conditioned windrows. You'll see greatly improved cutting, crop handling and windrow formation, especially in tough, heavy or wet crop conditions.

Another feature you'll appreciate is the hydraulically driven header with high capacity. And you will see lower daily and annual maintenance requirements, because the Mac Don has fewer moving parts than some competitive disc mowers. The improved header float boasts the ability for  fine-tuned hydraulic adjustment on-the go. Ask our experts about all the new features that make your windrowing chores easier and the results better. 

The rotary disc cutters come in  13 ft. and 16 ft. sizes.

Pull-Type Rotary Disc

 MacDon’s R85 Rotary Disc Pull-Type has been significantly upgraded in almost every important area. In fact, this machine has pretty much redefined what a rotary disc machine can do. Operators will experience greatly improved durability, windrow formation and cutting speed, especially in tough, heavy or wet crop conditions.